Brussels Mysteries and Legends Walking Tour

Brussels Mysteries and Legends Walking Tour
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Discover the hidden treasures of Brussels, the symbols of several “secret” societies, like the Templers and the Freemasons, as well as astronomical, astrological and other ‘esoteric’ mysteries. This voyage of discovery will lead you to secrets, hidden outdoors, but also in churches, temples and underground spaces. Explore the Grand Place in Brussels through different glasses.

Discover the hidden treasures of Brussels during a 4h+ experience
Learn about the symbols and signs of the alchemists and Freemasons
Visit the Coudenberg, site of a former Royal Palace
Enjoy the best panoramic views of Brussels
See the old city gates of Brussels
Central meeting point: Grand Place Square 21
Multilingual expert guide (EN, FR)

Sundays (Apr-Oct)

Start time: 9:00
Duration: 4 hours
Meeting point:  Grand Place Square 21,1000 Brussels, Belgium, before Godiva chocolate shop


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